Fourth Of July Gift

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Fourth Of July Gift
Who wouldn't love this 4th of July gift?! æThis unique container (a cooler) is filled with a reusable tablecloth, plates, decorative straws, grilling items, sunscreen, bubbles, Martinelli's cider, cotton candy, Chex mix, and sweet treats topped off with a TNT fireworks stand gift card.

Enjoy theæpraise as they marvel at the content. æWe know they'll say "Wow!"

This cooler container is filled with 4th of July favorites. æCotton candy, poprocks, bubbles and tons of Independence Day themed items.

Would you like to add Beer or Wine? æJust give us a call and we will customize this gift with anything you would like. æThink of us as your personal shopper! æCustomize this Order - call (425) 432-6924